Wills & Estate Planning

You Deserve a Legacy

It does not matter whether you are just starting out or have enjoyed a long and illustrious professional career: you should have an estate plan that accomplishes the following goals: 

  • Directs what happens to your assets after you pass
  • Indicates your healthcare wishes in the event of incapacity
  • Provides guardianship arrangements for any minor children

While a detailed will is an excellent place to start, many professionals have more complex estates that include businesses, real property, trust funds, retirement plans, life insurance policies, foreign real estate, and more. At Piper Law, we will ensure that these assets are distributed strictly according to your wishes while minimizing estate taxes and probate issues.

Whether you are recently divorced and need to revise your will accordingly, an excited new parent who wants to make sure their child is provided for, or wanting to set up a trust that preserves as much of your estate for your family as possible, we encourage you to come see us. To set up a consultation with our estate planning team, please complete our contact form. We look forward to meeting you!