Our Philosophy

Why We Happened!

Piper Law started with a belief that things could be done better for busy professionals who find themselves facing a family law issue.  Dealing with divorce is hard enough on its own, but corporate executives, business owners, and licensed professionals have the added burden of having to navigate it while also continuing to run their business, manage employees, and forecast the potential economic impact that a family law process will have on finances.  Piper Law was formed specifically to help this type of client.  

Clients need an experienced, skilled attorney to help them address the emotional, legal, and financial components of the family law process in a way that is efficient, informative, and with purpose.  Piper Law has a direct understanding of how personal and professional lives impact one another and we make it a priority to minimize the impact your family law issue will have on the success you worked so hard to build. 

We Practice with Purpose!

Our success is based on the belief that attorneys should practice with purpose.  We are entrusted with taking care of the most personal and valued parts of our client’s lives, and it is a responsibility that we take seriously.  We did not become attorneys to spend our careers navigating faceless clients around various legal roadblocks in order to maximize our personal incomes.  That is just not who we are.  We truly value our work and our clients, and we work hard.  We strive for excellence with each client and with ourselves, and we go home each day with a sense of genuine satisfaction and reward. 

We Will Work With You, Not Just For You

At Piper Law, we are more than divorce counsel: we partner with you.  Our team will anticipate legal issues based on your personal priorities, educate you on options based on your goals, and create a customized legal strategy designed to protect what matters most to you.  Depending on your situation, that could be:

  • Litigation that utilizes all or a portion of the court’s systems and processes;
  • A collaborative approach that gives a similar support structure as litigation, but affords the privacy and flexibility that a court driven process may not; or 
  • A cooperative hybrid option that incorporates elements of the collaborative approach into a traditional litigation model. 

Piper Law will help you determine which path is best for your unique situation and remain flexible to change as the circumstances dictate.  You will receive the compassion, creativity, and discretion you deserve with the legal experience and knowledge you need.

We Would Love To Meet You

To set up a consultation, please complete our contact form here. We look forward to meeting you at a time that is most convenient for your schedule.