Family Law

Caring Solutions for Your Family Law Case

Tennessee family law covers a wide range of complex and often emotional issues. Maybe you need to revisit a child custody order because your former spouse’s recent behavior has you concerned. Perhaps you are newly engaged and want to draft a fair and respectful prenup to protect your respective futures. 

At Piper Law, we believe in taking a customized approach to your family law issue. After listening to your goals and concerns, we help you develop an action plan that covers all perspectives and keeps your ultimate goals in mind.

  • Prenuptial Agreements: Also called “prenups” or antenuptial agreements, prenuptial agreements are contracts that let you enter your marriage with all your assets organized, disclosed, and with a clear understanding of what each party is bringing into the marriage. Piper Law will assist you in preparing a fair and legally valid agreement that clarifies expectations and strengthens trust.
  • Litigated Divorce: This court-based divorce process utilizes the court system to resolve disputes and reach resolutions.  Litigated divorces can be contested or uncontested.   At Piper Law, we are a different kind of litigation attorney.  Many litigators just want to litigate…switch them on, point them at the nearest court, and prepare for monthly invoices that will make your eyes water.  Not at Piper Law.  We approach our litigated divorces with the experience and purpose you need to accomplish established goals.  We are focused on how litigation can meet your specific needs and not as a process by which you pay for our entertainment.  You get clear, concise advice on where you stand, and if a fight needs to be fought, we have the firepower to take it on.
  • Collaborative Divorce: This client-centered divorce process allows you and your spouse to avoid litigation, maintain privacy, and negotiate a mutually acceptable divorce settlement agreement. By choosing the collaborative route, you and your spouse can avoid the uncertainty of going to court and retain control over the outcome. We are skilled at providing creative, customized solutions in this process that resolve even the most complex divorce cases.
  • Parenting Plans: Parenting plans outline the rights and responsibilities of divorced or separated parents when it comes to the custody and parenting of their children. We will work with you, the other parent, and their counsel to create a plan that is in the best interests of your children.
  • Child Custody: Even the most amicable divorces can become highly emotional when children are involved. We understand how important it is for your children to have both parents in their lives and will explain your appropriate custody options. We can also help you request or defend a custody modification and protect your parental rights if the other parent refuses to comply with a court-ordered arrangement.

Whatever your family law issue, the entire team at Piper Law will be committed to meeting your goals. Our thorough and caring team approach results in efficient, prompt resolution and lets you move into the next phase of your life with clarity, confidence, and peace. To reach us, please complete our contact form.