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Protecting What Matters Most to You

Divorce is one of the most overwhelming and emotional experiences one can go through in life.  There is much that needs to be resolved once the decision to divorce has been made, especially when you have children, own a business, and/or have considerable assets.  When you are a professional with a high net worth and a thriving company or practice, resolution of these issues can have a long-term impact on your finances and even career.  You need an attorney you can trust to help you navigate these deeply personal decisions.

At Piper Law, we represent business owners, corporate executives, and licensed professionals during divorce. We provide our clients with the experience and discretion they need to resolve their legal situation as efficiently as possible.  Piper Law understands the impact that divorce can have on the life of a busy professional, and we will work hard to address your concerns and protect what matters most to you.

If you are facing divorce, separation or a contested custody situation in Tennessee, Piper Law will listen to your priorities, educate you on your legal options, and provide you with realistic expectations on the outcome. Let us handle the intricate details of your family law matter so you can focus on your professional responsibilities and other important aspects of your life. To schedule a consultation and confidential case review, please contact us.



Heather Piper is an excellent attorney. She was obviously made to work in family law because she is a fierce advocate and also a great friend and counselor. We went into this knowing that we had an uphill battle to fight, and she exceeded our expectations. She worked to find a resolution perfectly tailored to us and our more than slightly complicated child custody situation. I would recommend Heather Piper to anyone looking for a family law attorney. We would not have gotten through this mess wi…
Heather is an intelligent and diligent attorney with a passion for getting the best results for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Lisa B.
Heather and I recently had a case together. We were opposing counsel. Throughout she was professional, communicative, and prepared. She was also an excellent advocate for her client and got the client a great deal. I would not hesitate in recommending her.
Sean M.
My case began in September 2011. I had a problematic wife who did the best she could to delay the divorce process and take as much parenting time away from me for our young son as she could. I went through the process of hiring and firing several prominent attorneys in Nashville…all of which would give into every demand by my wife’s attorney and would try to get me to settle for less time with my son. I was emotionally and physically drained every time I paid a bill to a lawyer that was not maki…
Heather, was amazing!! The first time I met her I felt understood. She listened to me and showed compassion and understanding. She showed this throughout the process. I knew all along she cared and had my interests at heart. At the end of the process, I got everything I deserved and wanted. She fought hard for me and did not back down. I would strongly recommend Heather!!!
I hired Ms. Piper to represent me in a child custody matter. She was patient and thorough. She explained every step of the process in detail, including what to expect in the courtroom and how to handle communication with the other party and his attorney. Her instructions were clear and concise, and no question was too silly for her to take the time to address. My children are the most important thing in the world to me, and she made them her priority as well. Heather’s strategic thinking and ski…
Heather Piper is a talented lawyer who knows the law and the people she represents. An excellent attorney. She was a two-time recipient of the American Board of Trial Advocates Award, Director of the Trial Advocacy Board, and President of the Defense Lawyers Association.
Larry R.
Heather brings knowledge and experience to serve her clients effectively and efficiently. I have no reservations endorsing her as a divorce and family law attorney. If you need a divorce lawyer stop looking, you’ve found her.
James C.
Heather is an excellent advocate for her clients and her attention to detail is unmatched. She has given me advice on several issues ranging from family law cases to appellate work and her input has always been invaluable. I do not hesitate to refer my clients that have family law issues to Heather because I know they will be working with a strong advocate who will ensure that their case is handled in the most reasonable and effective manner.
Lucas D.
I rarely write reviews of any kind. But this is certainly noteworthy. Heather Piper is an amazing person and attorney. She addressed our divorce matters efficiently, with great care, and attention to detail during this sensitive process. Currently, our family affairs seem better now than they have been in many years. Large credit to Heather. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a phenomenal family law attorney. Feel as though I may have also gained a friend in the process. Thank you to…
I was referred to the firm for representation during a Child Support Modification case. It seemed my case was more arduous than should be and it was an excellent choice to have Heather Piper as my legal counsel. Ms. Piper identified realistic legal expectations, laid out a plan for how she would proceed, and followed through with her plan to deliver successful results. I would highly recommend Ms. Piper.
Heather Piper is an outstanding attorney. Her attention to detail is second to none. Her ability to find nuances and strategic interpretations of the law is truly remarkable and her perseverance and dedication to her clients is truly a gift to the people she serves.
Joanna M.

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